Friday, September 30, 2011

hello, i'm stacia. i like to knit and crochet and i'm learning to make soap. i'm from minnesota but recently moved to kentucky with my husband (this is where he is from, you see). so far i've been having a hard time finding my place here but i'm trying to come up with new things to try.

the other day me and isaiah went to a pumpkin patch. we took a ferryboat to get there and it was funner than hell. we bought a few pumpkins and some locally made apple cider (it tastes like an appley dream).

yay for fall!


  1. i feel like i haven't seen your face in one hundred and fifty years!!!!! i'm glad you started this thing.

  2. me too!!!! this is wonderful. and you look so in love with that gourd guy. it makes my heart happy.

  3. i think your life is so cute! and i love your little family!